Maura Manzo

yoga teacher. instigator. change agent. wanderer. co-founder, yoga home

Maura Manzo is a sought after teaching in the Philadelphia area. Her unique combination and expertise in  yoga, leadership training and health coaching enables her to provide an inspiring and integrative approach to life.

"Maura's classes are always exceptional - her sequencing is challenging, creative, and intelligent; her playlists are great; and she incorporates mindfulness and pranayama practices seamlessly." ~ Kim R.

"Ever since I attended one of Maura’s workshops a couple of years ago, randomly, I have sought out wherever she’s doing classes/workshops throughout the Philly area…truly an inspiration, a great source of knowledge and thought provoking practitioner…in short, a gift!" ~Julianne B.

"Maura has yoga for everyone – from her classes at Whole Foods (that are often raising funds for a great cause) to her week long yoga retreat in Mexico...Every experience has left me feeling more at peace and feeling wonderful! HighlyRecommend anyone to try a class or a retreat with Maura you won’t regret it!" ~Shannon L.

Cover images courtesy of Nick Antony Photography and Joe Longo Photography