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Yoga Gangsters Outreach & At-Risk Certification with Terri Cooper
April 12, 2013

April 12-14, The Maas Building, Philadelphia

Yoga Gangsters has been serving youth at risk or in crisis for 10 years in the Miami area, and are branching out into new areas. We are looking for emerging leaders who want to share the gift of yoga with those who need it the most. This training will prepare you to work within the juvenile justice system with schools, youth centers and other non-profit organizations.

Yoga Gangsters is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower youth by addressing the symptoms of trauma and poverty such as limited education, addiction, violence, incarceration, teen pregnancy, HIV, physical/mental disabilities and more using the science and practice of yoga. As of June 2012, Yoga Gangsters has trained over 165 volunteer yoga teachers who have led weekly yoga programs in over 25 inner city schools, hospitals, jails, youth centres and other non-profit organizations. Since Yoga Gangster’s annual Yoga Aid fundraiser in October 2011, the organization has brought the gift of yoga to over 1,200 children, teens and young adults

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