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Teacher Training

BEYOND ASANA 2014 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training & Service Trip to Malawi

( Align. Flow. Serve. Travel )


You’re invited to join myself and my partner in consciousness, Brittany Policastro (Founder, Beyond Asana), for a Teacher Training unlike any Philadelphia has ever seen (although at this point Philly is definitely SEEING our teacher training as well as the impact it is having on our students).  In addition to a thorough training in the art of alignment, adjustments, pranayama, and learning how to teach a fluid and inspiring class, the Beyond Asana training also offers extended time exploring personal growth work, creating a sustainable yoga business and living a yoga lifestyle that is congruent and authentic with your teachings. Unique to this training is a fundraising project that will submerge you deep into the heart of service. Every student who participates will be asked to raise $5,000 for our partner organization, buildOn a non-profit that works in some of the most isolated and poverty stricken regions in the world, empowering international communities to overcome their challenges by opening the door to education. Our 2012 YTT raised over $56,000 and traveled to Nepal in February 2013. Our 2013 YTT raised $100,000 and will build 2 schools in Nicaragua in February 2014. This is big stuff people. And we couldn’t be more honored and excited to be doing this work. View the video below for a glimpse into the trek!



This is a commitment of your body, mind and spirit. Sounds cliche but really it is.  The beauty of a training of this nature is that it sticks with you after you leave the weekend. With this commitment you are saying YES to a further exploration of you, your life and your relationships. When you say yes, the Universe will respond to that “yes” with exactly what you need to go deeper. It may not always be pretty but it is ALWAYS laced with grace.


The training program will take place approximately every 3-4 weeks.  Full attendance and participation are required to complete certification requirements. You will also participate in a fundraising project that will involve raising $5,000 and traveling to Malawi for 10-12 days to break ground on a school (trip date to be announced). Upon completion of the training you will receive a certificate allowing you to register as a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher.

Hours: Fridays 6-9pm, Saturdays 9-5pm, and Sundays 9-5pm

Dates: 3/28-30,  4/25-27,  5/30-6/1,  6/20-22,  7/11-13,  8/8-10,  8/29-31,  9/12-14, 10/3-5,  10/31-11/2
Location: The Maas Building - 1325 Randolph Street, Philadelphia, PA (Visit to view space)


A good deal of time is spent on the art and the science of moving and instructing students into each posture in a way that fosters deeper body awareness, safety and accountability. With this knowledge not only will you gain the tools to transform your practice, you will also be empowered to help others do the same. When students feel safe in their bodies, they are more likely to drop down into their hearts. I love this stuff so expect to geek out with me.

In addition to learning how to get into and hold each posture, you will learn how to safely and effectively adjust your students in a way that honors both their physical and energetic bodies, as well as your own. Connecting with people in this way is a great honor and responsibility. We will give you the tools and guidance you need to feel confident in your touch and intention.

Business of Yoga
Expect to spend time learning the ins and outs of this very important component to becoming an effective teacher. You will learn clear, thorough and very useful and practical ways to get your voice out there, make what you are worth and share your own unique gifts with those that need it the most. We will also cover how to move through this business with integrity while staying true to your own authentic voice and needs. Maura is a wiz at running a business with action, grace and integrity. You may also get “Maura Manzo Marketing Plan.” It’s good stuff.

Personal Growth
Part of being a yoga teacher who really makes a difference is first knowing yourself and embracing all aspects with love, respect and compassion. We will spend time helping you travel deep inside to connect with your shadows, those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and an understanding of how your past can create a purposeful future. This is the stuff often overlooked but oh so important. Maura and I LOVE this stuff.

This component is a very special and vital part of the training. Each student will work to raise $5,000 for our partner non-profitbuildOn. With these funds we will travel to Malawi to break ground on a school. Each weekend we will check in and support your fundraising efforts through various discussions, applicable tools and exercises, as well as different manifestation practices. Expect a deep exploration of what it means to put your consciousness work into action. Additional service project details here.

We will spend time tapping into each Chakra and how to connect with and balance these specific energies. Cultivating Chakra awareness can influence every aspect of your life including: your relationships, your work, your creativity, the way you raise your children, they way you love, your relationship with money and your deeper vision of how you want your life to unfold. The Chakras rock!

We will dive into Yogic philosophy while often offering a modern spin to make it easier to apply to your current life. You will learn the origins of this practice spend time exploring the Eight Limbs and Yoga in a way that is applicable to your every time life.


Mindfulness Meditation & The Yoga Sutras
with Daniel Shankin / June 20-22 (Fri 7-9, Sat/Sun 2-5)

Yoga Anatomy & Therapeutics
with Naime Jezzeny / September 13-14, 1-5pm

Diversity Training for Yoga Teachers
with Jacoby Ballard / October 4, 1-4pm



You will be required to purchase and read a list of books to help deepen and expand what we will be learning in the training. Check back to see a complete list.

Each weekend you will receive homework to help integrate what we cover during the weekend. Some homework will be required and some will be optional.

For a dedicated yoga teacher, a steady and committed practice is vital. You will be required to attend twenty additional open classes to be completed in the eight months of the training (about 2.5 classes per month). These classes are to be split between Maura and I and may also include workshops and retreats. Alternative options will be provided for those traveling out of the state to be a part of this training. These classes are in addition to the training costs- discounts will be offered when applicable.

Quizzes, Final Exam and Final Projects
During the training you will receive a few quizzes to help us see how the information is landing. Towards the end of the training you will receive a take home final exam as well as a few other final projects. All of this is to help you deepen and integrate what you have been learning over the past eight months.

Yoga Props 
Included in your tuition are two blocks, a blanket and a strap that you will with you every weekend to support your asana exploration.


DEPOSIT: $400 nonrefundable deposit required to submit your application. (To be included toward full payment) Pay Here

PAY IN FULL:  $2400 after December 15 Pay Here

Payment Plan: $2,550 

($400 deposit needed to hold your spot) 
8 payments of $268.75 deducted (via credit card) on the 15th of every month from March-October. (Not including your $400 deposit).



Download and fill out the Beyond Asana 2014 Teacher Training Info and Application and email it to along with the non refundable deposit of $400. 

All applications must be received by March 7, 2014.

Questions? Please email